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Bushwick's New Steel Fortress Protects Wine, Veggies, Indie Rock

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Back when we first dipped a toe into Bushwick's Wyckoff Exchange?an "Architecturally Progressive Retail Conversion" of a warehouse?we didn't know the name Andre Kikoski. Since then the architect has been all up in Fifth Avenue's business, but we haven't heard much from Wyckoff Avenue. The project was supposed to wrap up in 2009, but based on the Wyckoff Exchange page on Kikoski's website and today's coverage on Dezeen, it looks like now is the time for this folding Corten steel facade to, well, guess "shine" isn't the right word. The space will be home to a live music venue called Radio Bushwick, an organic market and a wine shop. You know, typical Bushwick stuff.
· The Wyckoff Exchange by Andre Kikoski Architect [Dezeen]
· Wyckoff Exchange [Andre Kikoski Architect]