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Tribeca Landlord Wages War Against Warren Street Phone Booth

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It's been a while since we even thought about, much less looked at, a New York City phone booth. But phone booths take up enough of Tribeca landlord Shimon Zlotnikov's headspace to more than make up for our oversight. Zlotnikov is, in fact, in the midst of a one-man crusade against the booth outside the building he owns on Warren Street. "I've witnessed drug sales" in the phone booth, Zlotnikov tells DNAinfo. "I've witnessed people drinking alcohol and moving alcohol from one container to another. I've witnessed people urinating and defecating." Plus, the phones barely even work! Zlotnikov cleans the phone booth each morning, but hey, it gets tiring after a while. Last week, Zlotnikov finally got a meeting with the payphone company. Good news: the company that owns the phone is willing to move it. Bad news: it can't find a new spot. We're sure Zlotnikov's description will be a help. Hey, the phone booth is probably a (small) step upward from this one.
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