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Condé Nast Almost Certain to Ride to 1 WTC's Rescue

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The big day is nearing for the Freedom Tower 1 World Trade Center: a Condé Nast move to the tower is "inevitable," according to the Post, and might happen as soon as March. The timing is up in the air because the deal is a complex one, but Condé is pretty certain to move from a tentative deal for a 1 million-square-foot space to an official one. We've long known this was coming, so why is its increasing certainty so important? The Post's Steve Cuozzo explains:

But the Condé Nast commitment would, at a stroke, make nonsense of widespread skepticism since 9/11 that major companies would ever return to the WTC site. Condé Nast's stature as a singularly prestigious brand would make all of the site's office space a hot commodity -- at 1 WTC, at Larry Silverstein's fast-rising 4 WTC and in two towers yet to come.

In other words, get ready to be judged on that spring wardrobe, FiDi!
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