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The Ludlow: Bob Barker's Favorite Lower East Side Rental Building

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Renters pay a steep price to live in Lower East Side luxury tower The Ludlow. Their pets pay an even steeper one. The big building at Ludlow and Houston Streets (the one that got finished, that is) requires all cats and dogs to be spayed or neutered before moving in, according to The Appraisal column in the NYT. That command comes from the top: The CEO of Edison Properties, developer/owner of the three-year-old building, is a pet lover and chairwoman of an animal shelter. So far The Ludlow has received no complaints from the "pet-savvy crowd" of tenants, even though clampdowns on reproductive rights usually aren't enforced in buildings where rents start at $2,300 for studios, $3,650 for 1BRs and $5,500 for 2BRs. One big lingering question: How can The Ludlow expect its residents to
party like rock stars without the proper equipment?
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