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Today's Proof That Life's Not Fair: Family Owns Two 40 Bond Condos

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What happens when one high-end Manhattan pied-a-terre just isn't enough? If you're the London family featured on New York magazine's Home Design pages this week, you buy a second one?in the same building. According to the story, these mystery Londoners bought a 2,400-square-foot three-bedroom second home at 40 Bond, then later bought an 1,100-square-foot one-bedroom a floor below. "It was to be something of a pied-à-terre for their existing pied-à-terre— a place to host guests, throw parties, and escape from the four kids slowly annexing the apartment above," Wendy Goodman writes. Hey, sometimes you just need a vacation from your vacation, right?

Both apartments were designed by the esteemed Robert Couturier, who filled them with art and describes the condos as "twins—there's no stepchild here." According to property records, the bigger #7A was purchased for $6.4 million, while the smaller #6D was picked up two years later for just over $2 million. Adding a bit of confusion, #7A was the apartment reportedly bought by Ricky Martin (under "40 Bonbon LLC"), but as far as we know, he's not a British father of four. Click through for the slideshow of both 40 Bond vacation pads. We'd still take Schrager's place.
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