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Feeling Blue, Noho's 41 Bond Adds Some Glass

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The big block of bluestone from developer DDG Partners at 41 Bond Street is getting glassed, and given the Arctic chill, workers must be glad that this stack of seven uber-luxurious condos on Noho's starchitect row are now closed off from the cold. What's going in isn't run-of-the-mill glass, but rather floor-to-ceiling sliding windows from the folks at Sky-Frame, the same crew who supplied some similar stuff for a futuristic loft in Greenwich Village.

At 41 Bond, the wall of glass runs up the south facade, which is the building's backside, overlooking a little yard and a couple of quaint neighbors fronting onto Bleecker Street. The controversial rear balconies will offer a slice of al fresco living when the glass slides open. Out front over Bond Street the glass is of an entirely different sort.

Facing north onto the landmarked neighbors of Noho, the windows over Bond Street are wide and lofty, big squares punched through the stone facade. The bluestone here cuts in and out, with the panes set apart from the face, a more dimensional application than what DDG did on its other bluestone project, a townhouse with groovy interiors down in Tribeca at 24 Warren Street. Here on Bond, the top two floors are to be a duplex penthouse with views across Noho to the north. These big windows will give a clear shot of the Bowery 2.0, where there will soon be some red joining the blue.
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