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Truman Capote's Brooklyn Heights Townhouse Drops $2.1M

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Truman Capote may have lived in Brooklyn by choice, but he didn't have to pay $18 million for 70 Willow Street, where he wrote "In Cold Blood," "Breakfast at Tiffany's," and other books. Now, neither will anyone else. The property hit the market with that $18M ask in May but received a cold-blooded (sorry!) 12 percent chop, to $15.9 million, yesterday, The Real Deal reported. The borough record is just under $12 million for a Gravesend house, so 70 Willow still has a shot at busting that. Consider the 18-room, 11-fireplace literary history extravaganza in our old gallery.
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70 Willow Street

70 Willow Street, Brooklyn, New York