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Broker Calls Choreographer Names, Sells Him Chelsea Penthouse

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Hey, remember 2006? That time when a penthouse like PHE at 121 West 19th Street could sell for $1.97 million and resell for $3.4 million only one month later? PHE probably thinks quite fondly of those days, considering what followed. The never-lived-in penthouse headed into foreclosure in 2008 (not actually a new experience for its owner), and only now does it appear to be out of the woods. The Observer reports that choreographer Sergio Trujillo has picked up the place, paying an above-ask $2.445 million. The sales process was competitive and tense, according to the broker. Trujillo "complained about so much, I was concerned he wasn't going to buy it, and then he comes in with this big offer....I wouldn't call him a diva, I'd call him a dick." But troubled boom relics can't really be choosers. Dance party!!
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