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Two-Story South Slope Townhouse is Adorable, Sensibly Priced?

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We've been on a townhouse kick lately, but mostly high-end stuff. Cut us some slack, because it's hard to find a single-family home for the common man around these parts. And by "for the common man," we mean houses that don't fetch $20 million from people who have been portrayed by Justin Timberlake. Which is why we're happy that 157 16th Street exists. Look at it! Cute, right? The snug South Park Slope abode is less than 1,000 square feet and has only one proper bedroom, but the price, $650,000, is about the same as a new 1BR condo in many parts of Brooklyn. And it fulfills the dream of owning a house! It's enough to make us overlook the down sides, like only being able to take a shower off the living room. Floorplan and photos in the gallery. Fair deal?
· Listing: 157 16th Street [Corcoran]