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Tower of Delancey Sells Out, Goes Friends-and-Family

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Back when 38 Delancey Street was first revealed in rendering form, the most favorable review likened it to "The Ludlow growing out of a suburban strip mall." But some Lower East Siders' feelings on the place have since done a complete 180. The building hit the market in May, and the sales team has already sold out...the 25 of 55 units not being rented out or kept for the developer's friends and family, the Post reports. That means the developer didn't talk his pals into buying, so who did? Mostly, LES renters ready to make the move to ownership but not to leave Schiller's behind. StreetEasy has recorded 19 of the sales so far, at an average price of $1,0003/square foot (compared to the average ask of $1,213/foot). The biggest spender handed over $1,109,892 for a ninth-floor 2BR, 2BA.

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38 Delancey St.

38 Delancey St., New York, NY 10002