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Nolitans Want to Fuhgeddabout San Gennaro This Year

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As Nolita has become more hip, trendy and expensive in recent years, gripes about the annual Feast of San Gennaro street fair have been getting louder. The once-authentic Italian festival, which takes over Mulberry Street and its environs for two sausage-cooking, pashmina-selling, noise-creating and garbage-producing weeks each September, is traditionally not something you want to mess with, but these gentrifiers are fearless, we tell ya. The protests normally don't make it beyond the community board hearing level, but this year things may be different. Cross your cannolis?

DNAinfo reports that Community Board 2 voted to approve this year's festival permit, but urged the mayor's Street Activity Permit Office, which has final say, to consider cutting the festival off at Kenmare Street, leaving Nolita untouched by the shitshow that is San Gennaro. As usual, what San Gennaro backers are left in the neighborhood formerly known as Little Italy think opposition to the festival is rooted in bigotry, tossing out quotes like, "They want to turn Mulberry Street into Madison Avenue — it's a war on our culture." He has a point. If San Gennaro sleeps with the fishes, we'd hate to have to fly to Naples to get our fix of authentic fried Oreos and virgin Piña Coladas.
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