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The William Beaver FAQ: Rental Prices, 'Murphy Kitchens,' More!

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Following the ownership switcheroo at William Beaver House and the announcement that the unsold apartments in the gold-flecked, Andre Balazs-conceived, sex-selling Financial District tower will be going rental, we all probably have some questions. Luckily, the NYT's Fred A. Bernstein has filed a comprehensive look at the current state of the Beav. Let's break it down, shall we?

How many apartments are being rented, and for how much?
That would be 209 nondos?there are 320 apartments total?scattered throughout the 47-story building. One-bedrooms start at $3,200 a month, studios at $3,550 (they're on higher floors), 2BRs at $4,800 and 3BRs at $8,500. On the Beav's website, the Rental Collection is "coming soon."

Why is there a "lifestyle manager," and what does she do?
She is basically a concierge, but don't call her a concierge, because the term is "associated with polyester neckties, not the high-level services she provides for Beaver House residents." Is that code for an escort? Sorry, ever since the Craigslist Adult Services section got eliminated, we can't tell what's hookerish and what's not anymore.

Why are the showers peek-a-boo?
They open up like that to take in "spectacular New York Harbor views." As for the units without Harbor views, well, who doesn't like a show? C'mon, stop being such a prude.

Why are the kitchens so tiny?
Because they're, ahem, "Murphy kitchens," designed to be compact and sleek. According to architect Calvin Tsao, "The bathrooms are bigger than the kitchens, but that’s how people live. You come home from work not to cook a meal, but to decompress. It’s the mise-en-scène of a contemporary life." Hey, if it's good enough for the French...

Where is the Dean & DeLuca that was supposed to be off the lobby?
New owner the CIM Group is now seeking a "first-class restaurant or food and beverage operator" for the vacant retail space. No scones? :(

Where is the 195-spot parking garage?
Balazs failed to win approval for the necessary permits, but CIM is going to give it another try. Ladies, start prepping those sexy scrubber applications!

Where is the lobby "conversation pit" that appeared in renderings?
It has been built by a Chinese cabinetmaket, but it's being stored, in pieces, in a Long Island City warehouse, with no installation information available. Go out and visit it sometime, Beaver boys and girls!

How lucky are the renters who get to live in the almighty William Beaver House?
OMG so lucky! Calvin Tsao says "rentals are never built to that standard." Damn right! They're so upscale they should've been sold off as luxury condos! Oh, right...
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Building photo via Flickr/aar0on.

William Beaver House

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