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New Bowery Plaza Will Teach During the Day, Party at Night

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Somewhat lost in the shuffle of the dramatic transformation of Astor Place is what's planned for the blocks just to the south, namely the tidying up and expansion of the Cooper Triangle, and the creation of a sliver of new pedestrian plaza space called Village Square. These elements have run afoul of Bowery/East Village locals who fear that creating new outdoor spaces where people might actually want to hang out will lead to...people hanging out. Basically they're worried about crowds of drunken idiots pouring out of the Bowery's new hotels and restaurants, congregating here, and causing a ruckus into the wee hours. But The Villager reports that's not the intention of these new gathering grounds. Nope, they're for learnin' and stuff.

The Grace Church School will soon open a private high school in some Cooper Square classrooms being vacated by NYU, and school officials told Community Board 2 that they will use Village Plaza as a "teaching spot," and they have an agreement with the city to maintain it. But that doesn't account for what goes on when the kiddies are asleep, and so Community Board 2?while endorsing the makeover?included this stipulation: "Therefore it is resolved that C.B. 2 approves this reconstruction as proposed if seating opportunities that cannot be locked or removed at night are eliminated from the areas below Seventh St." Will the city cave to their demands, or will the party go on?
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