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Nouvel Lobby Fixer Jennifer Post Waves White Flag at Apthorp

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What would designer Jennifer Post, who was hired by the developers of 100 Eleventh Avenue to brighten-up Jean Nouvel's lobby before they ditched her grizzly-sized boulders, do to a Manhattan classic like the Apthorp? It's not a hypothetical question: Post is actually a resident of the Apthorp, and a darn lucky one, having gotten into the building by subletting a 5,000sqft apartment for $1,754/month(!) from a former client and then purchasing a later rental for 30 percent off. Today she shows the Journal how she whited-out her Apthorp pad (with her "signature white paint?a secret mixture of several subtle shades," seen above) and rotates her art collection through the rooms for variety. Whatever erases the trauma.
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Apthorp Building

390 West End Avenue, New York, NY 10023


2211 Broadway, New York, NY