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Combine Two Mercer Street Penthouses for the Price of Two

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It's a tale of two 22 Mercer Street penthouses. Penthouse B sold quickly enough last time it was on the market, going to buyer Timothy Millet for $4,918,147 in 2007. Then there's penthouse D, which has been on and off the market for two years now with no takers. Penthouse B came up for resale in December and got a 3 percent PriceChop, to $6.15M, earlier this month. Perhaps it was then that PHD decided the two could reach a mutually beneficial arrangement. Not only did PHD return to market with a $6.5M ask, but now the two penthouses are also available in combination, for the not-at-all-reduced price of $12.95 million. The unit would be "the largest condo doorman penthouse downtown," according to the brokerbabble. The interiors, above, don't exactly mesh.
The floorplan for #PHB:

The floorplan for #PHD:

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