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Tobacco Warehouse Conversion Opponents Win, For Now

The controversy over the potential Great Pyramid proposed for the inside of Dumbo's roofless Tobacco Warehouse was all for nothing. Not only did the Brooklyn Bridge Park bigwigs give conditional approval to the St. Ann's Warehouse troupe to turn the warehouse into a performing arts center instead, but now the privatization of the warehouse has, at least temporarily, been stopped. Brownstoner reports that the Department of Justice has agreed with the lawsuit-filing community members who alleged the building was illegally pulled from federal protection. According to the press release, the DOJ has ordered the city to "treat the Tobacco Warehouse as if it were again fully protected federal land." What this means for the structure?and the future reveal of embarrassing Walentas e-mails?is not yet fully clear.
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Tobacco Warehouse

Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201