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Nolitans' Shortened San Gennaro Proposal Already Whacked

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Empowered by their successful fight against a proposed Shake Shack, the residents of Nolita banded together once more to protest the annual Feast of San Gennaro. They went to the community board with a radical proposal: cut the noisy, sausage-filled festival?which happens to coincide with Fashion Week and which usually leads trendy Nolita stores like the Charlotte Ronson boutique to just shut their doors for the entire two weeks?off at Kenmare Street. The community board has come back with its recommendation: no UPDATE: it agrees with the Kenmare border proposal. (See below.)

CB 2 also did agree to a few concessions for San Gennaro-fatigued Nolitans, the Villager reports. This year there will be no karaoke, no booths playing/selling CDs, no mafia t-shirts for sale, and no "Dunk the Clown." Plus, the soundstage will be moved around so that everyone can be equally annoyed by the noise. Is it even worth it any more?

UPDATE: Community Board 2 sent over the official resolution language, which does support shrinking this year's festival so that it ends at Kenmare Street (it was approved on a subsequent motion). Curbed apologizes for the error. The fight goes on!
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