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Harlem's 220 St. Nick Gets Glassed; Old Bleecker Store's New Look

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HARLEM?One year after making a Development Du Jour appearance, a special Curbed correspondent reports that the 12-unit 220 St. Nicholas Avenue is getting glassed. So, uh, where the listings at? [CurbedWire Inbox]

GREENWICH VILLAGE?The storefront at 259 Bleecker Street has been empty since 80-year-old icon A. Zito & Sons bakery got priced out back in 2004. Last year it was reported that a European restaurant group was taking the space for a Roma Pizza location. Now Eater reports that signage is up, renovations are going strong and Roma is opening soon. The website, which mentions the space's history, is kind of classic. The location is "in an area high level and prestigious Greenwich Village," on "the path with the highest passage of people at all hours: Bleecker St." [Eater NY/Roma Pizza]

220 St. Nicholas

220 St. Nicholas Avenue, New York, NY