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Hudson Square Wants to Be the Next 24/7 Residential 'Hood

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Maybe 2010, the year of streetscapes, DVDs, and incentive cards, wasn't the only year of creative firsts for Hudson Square. Jason Pizer, president of Hudson Square overlords Trinity Real Estate, told the Times about the next trick Hudson Square has up its sleeve: a rezoning to make the neighborhood more residential. Trinity's in the midst of negotiations with city agencies, but Pizer has his eyes on the prize: "My goal is also to increase the value of our real estate. I want the buildings to become more valuable over time and the rents to rise, so the church can continue its mission in ministry, and the way to do that is to create a 24/7 neighborhood. If that requires a residential component, then that’s the avenue we’re going to pursue." The development's still a ways off, but neighbors might want to get ready for a few more Trump Sohos?and this time, ones that can be lived in all year.
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