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Beekman Tower Preview: Better Than the Movies It Plays Before?

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Frank Gehry's Beekman Tower 8 Spruce Street New York by Gehry has been compared to the reality-defying architecture seen in Inception, and just like that blockbuster, it turns out Gehry's skyscraper also has a big Hollywood budget. A commercial for the coming-soon rental tower has been rolling before flicks at the Regal Union Square movie theater, a shorter version of the video seen on the building's new website. We just watched it for the first time, and it's safe to say this video?nay, film?would definitely win the Oscar in the Best Feature, Rental Building Promo category. No wonder the rents are so damn high!

The artsy clip created by dbox begins with our Starchitect of the Year sketching the building's shape while talking about the bay windows and showing off a watch from his signature collection, because that's how humble, hard-working anonymous architects get down. Then it cuts to some hipster watching the clip in a cab, followed by a quick-cutting barrage of Beekman Tower (we're still calling it that, by the way) glamour shots interspersed with scenes from neighborhoods that in most cases are nowhere near the building. Instrumental music swells in the background, and in the end our entire reality is revealed to be an app on a higher being's iPad. We're guessing that higher being is Bruce Ratner?

The rest of the website is just a teaser for now, with an inquiry form for intrigued renters. The building is billed as the "tallest residential tower in the Americas" (eat it, Trump!) and the listed rental range goes up to "15,000+" per month, or about 1,150 Yogi Bear tickets.
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