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$16 Million for the Upper West Side's Newest Private Pool

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When previewing The Aldyn a few weeks back, we called the newest Riverside South tower the perfect building for New Year's resolutions because of its many fat-burning amenities. It looks like the marketing minds agreed, because listings in the 40-story tower (which also has rentals on lower floors) have hit the market right before everyone forgets those pledges to drop a few pounds. Head over to StreetEasy and you'll find over two dozen fresh listings in the Extell-developed building, with a median price of $1,512/sqft. The listings themselves all have the same photos of the amenities (rock-climbing wall, anyone?), which means the fun is in the floorplans. And there is fun to be had, friends.

The top-shelf offering of the moment is the six-bedroom, 5,641-square-foot #2101, which sports over 3,500 square feet of outdoor space and, you might have noticed, a private outdoor pool. Asking price? A Wall-Street-bonus-gobbling $15.9 million, $2 million more than a larger Aldyn apartment with half the outdoor space and no pool. What makes this swimming hole so special? We're not talking an itty-bitty glorified plunge pool. At 15' wide and 37' long, you could get a decent game of Marco Polo going in there. And don't forget that The Aldyn has a communal pool in its fitness center, meaning a buyer could have separate pools for exercising and entertaining. Life is good.

On the other end of the spectrum, for now The Aldyn's prices begin in the mid-to-high $700s for one-bedroom units, which are priced at just over $1,000/sqft. No private pools with those, but maybe the squash court is a nice consolation.
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The Aldyn

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