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The Younger De Niro Gets The Times Treatment

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The Times just did a profile of none other than Raphael De Niro,talking about the path his life took, and how the sometimes-actor got into real estate. The big preoccupation in the article is his ascent in the real estate business being due to his own tenacity. Of course he's not stupid enough to completely ignore the reality that his name must have, at least initially, aided his success to some degree with the piece saying "his father’s stardom has opened doors, and sellers and buyers alike often ask him for favors like tickets to the Tribeca Film Festival, of which Robert De Niro was a co-founder. But now, he said, he is largely operating in a stratosphere where people are unmoved by fame." He's sold over $600 million worth of properties so we're going to give him a pass if he ever used daddy's name to get ahead a little.

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