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Columbia's Wrecking Ball Opens Up Those West Harlem Views

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Columbia University's annexation of Manhattanville has reached the far West 125th Street end of the industrial West Harlem 'hood, and Harlem Bespoke has noticed something: Tearing down old warehouses creates some cool views! The blog writes:

In the last photo, one can see that the full length of the Manhatanville Viaduct is starting to appear at the horizon towards the West Harlem Piers and more will surely be revealed as demolition progresses to the neighboring building. This open vista of the landmark viaduct probably has not been seen for over 100 years when the burgeoning industrial area had mostly lower level structures on site and the architectural marvel of the day was brand new.Like the Monty Python gang once sang, always look on the bright side of the razing of a neighborhood for the benefit of an elite private academic institution.
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