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Refreshed Upper West Side Condo is Thinking Big

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We guess the 2009 buyer backouts and fresh December listings were just for practice, or something, because new UWS condo development Linden78 is officially on the market only as of last week. The latest listings include some of the 32-unit building's least expensive apartments, but they still start at $1.56M, and there's nothing smaller than a 2BR. In fact, the building seems to be aiming firmly for the family demographic, with 4BRs and 5BRs starting at $3.81M, a children's playroom, and a garden. Since a missed construction deadline prompted the previous buyer backouts and the building now has some units ready for occupancy, perhaps history won't repeat itself. Anyone planning to pony up the cash? Model unit pics and sample floorplans in the gallery.
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