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Meet the Frankenhouse of Brooklyn's Manhattan Beach

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One homeowner in Manhattan Beach (we'll save you the Google Maps visit: It's east of Coney Island and Brighton Beach) devised the perfect plan for getting city permission to combine two neighboring houses into one big McMansion: Don't tell the city! Okay, so maybe the plan wasn't perfect. The Brooklyn Paper reports that Michael Tropp never applied for a permit to create his mutant house, and now he's facing over $100,000 in fines, most of which he hasn't paid. The latest complaint? He's now growing his compound onto his neighbors' property. It's like eminent domain without the pesky attorney fees!
· Improper-ty! McMansion has more than $100K in city fines! [Brooklyn Paper]

UPDATE: Tropp's attorney Howard Rubin offers this take on the allegations:

Among the inaccuracies is an allegation that the house has been expanded in the recent past. In fact, no construction has been done on the house since 1996. The Article also states that there are over $100,000 in violations for illegal construction over the past 8 years when there has been no construction over the last 8 years and the violations are in appeal. The allegation that my client did not bother to apply for a permit 9 years ago has no basis in fact. Tropp applied for a permit on February 16, 1995 and the City approved Tropp's plans on March 16, 1995. Tropp paid for the permit and the City issued the permit on May 31, 1995. The City rescinded the permit on August 8, 1995 without notifying Tropp until construction had already been done and was over 90% completed. Tropp has not violated any laws or has done any construction since the rescission of the permit.