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'Ugly' 3 Columbus Circle Will Avoid Wrecking Ball

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Poor 3 Columbus Circle: one of its neighbors, Related boss Stephen Ross, thought it was so ugly when seen from his office window that he launched a months-long campaign to take control of the building just so he could tear it down. Building developer Joseph Moinian, who glassed the building up as part of a $100 million renovation, fought back, and the Times reveals that the feud finally came to an end last Friday, when Ross surrendered agreed to stop trying for control of the building. How'd Moinian get him to do that? By paying off the building's mortgage and handing Ross an extra $28.4 million. Which should at least be enough for some shades at the office, so he can block 3 Columbus from view. Now Moinian's looking for retail tenants, and it turns out the building may get the city's first Nordstrom after all. All's well that ends well?
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