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Soho's Sidewalk Slabs Saved!; Home Makeover Casting Call

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SOHO?Today the Landmarks Preservation Commission stonewalled the slightly controversial plan to replace the old granite sidewalk slabs at Mercer and Broome with regular concrete. The owner of the building that houses the Kate Spade store has to repair a deteriorating vault underneath the sidewalk, and said that a granite sidewalk would be too heavy for the newly reinforced/fixed vault, that granite can't be waterproofed and that granite is too expensive. The commissioners said oh HELL no, voting 9-0 against the proposal while adding that granite replacement is done all over Downtown. Rock on, you sexy slab-saving soul sisters. [CurbedWire Inbox]

TV LAND?The second season of HGTV's Selling New York premieres Thursday night (set those DVRs!), but the home of house porn is on our radar today for something different: a casting call for a new design show. Those interested in having a room or rooms in their home renovated by two world-renowned designers whose identities cannot be divulged at this time should read on:

A New York-based production company is looking for energetic and vibrant homeowners (singles, families, couples) in the New York Tri-State area who want their homes to match their personalities, but who may not have the vision to make it happen. Our design team will bring their eclectic, high-end / low-cost, new-meets-old design philosophy to your home. This will not be just a room makeover; it will be a life-changer! If you think your home and our show might be a good fit, send us an email to with the following information:

* Your name, address and contact info (please include e-mail address and cell phone number)
* List of rooms to be styled, photos are a big plus!
* Photos of yourself & the members of your household
* Favorite style you'd like to see (or do you want to be surprised?)
* Your real design budget

Our superstar designers are at your service! We will be shooting between January & April

[CurbedWire Inbox]