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Newest Plan for Empty Swath of Lower East Side: Wal-Mart?

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After an unusually newsworthy 2010, the Seward Park Urban Renewal Area is kicking off 2011 with a shocker: more activity. Community Board 3 is honing its proposal for SPURA's future, which would have to undergo another two years of review before anything could happen on the stalled swath of land. The Villager has an update on the plans, which most recently called for about 1,000 rental units on the site, plus "midbox" retail, and perhaps a movie theater in a throwback to an LES past. That's still the plan supported by a group called Sustainable Housing and Retail Expansion, or SHARE. But two other community leaders oppose the amount of affordable housing planned for the site and have been pushing for a Costco or a Wal-Mart instead of midbox retail. Ruh-roh! But really, if any plot of land can wait while all sides work things out calmly, our money's on SPURA.
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