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48.7 Million Tourists Visited NYC; 1 West Villager Doesn't Hate Them

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Complaining about tourists is a New York City tradition on par with subway fare hikes and disappointing Mets seasons, but on the day when the mayor's office announces that a record number of tourists visited the city in 2010, one West Villager is not taking the bait. The neighborhood is filled with folks who love to mock the Marc Jacobs-devouring hordes lined up for cupcakes at Magnolia, but blogger The West Villager has penned a post titled "Thank God for Tourists" saluting the out-of-towners, specifically their disposable income.

That doesn't stop the blog from treating them like a zoo exhibit, however: "Now, I may be singing a different tune if the West Village was truly overrun with out-of-town buses and 'non-New Yorkers,' but this tour of Grove Street and Bedford (and likely other parts of the neighborhood) didn’t bother me in the least. I did realize the irony of me taking pictures of tourists taking pictures, but I captured this one covertly."
· Thank God for Tourists [The West Villager]