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Downtown Brooklyn Condo Buyers Gather Online to Talk Shop

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According to an introductory post, was started in November by a resident of new Downtown Brooklyn condo building be@schermerhorn as a way for neighbors to connect online. Lively message board discussions have taken place about apartment renovations, holiday tips for building staff and neighborhood dining options, and now the site has added forums for two more brand new Downtown Brooklyn condo towers, Oro and Toren. is becoming something of a town square for the neighborhood's new residents, and one hot topic is, of course, the status of the neighborhood's gentrification.

In one thread, a buyer considering an apartment at Toren asks residents about neighborhood safety, entertainment options and things of that nature. One resident chimed in with an epic response that's pretty much a Downtown Brooklyn neighborhood guide mixed with an essay about the future of the 'hood. Here's an excerpt:

However, many new shops and restaurants will populate the immediate blocks around Toren soon. Things like City Point will start popping up just a 2-5 min walk away, and there will be a park just next to it on Willoughby. Fulton Street will get a Shake Shack in the spring/summer, and trendier shops will start to move in as well. We started our condo search to escape rising rent and townhouse rodents in the East Village. After digging a bit and uncovering the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership plans, we realized that this area should be very nice by 2012. This made the Toren a very worthy investment.

The same Toren resident also mentions that the building's pool is still not open, but it should be very nice by 2012.
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