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Start of BK Subway Rehab Means Start of BK Subway Blues

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Things are a bit gloomy in Red Hook right now, and it's not only because the Queen Mary 2 is spewing exhaust into the air. The long-awaited and much-needed rehab of the Culver Viaduct, the elevated portion of subway track between Park Slope and Carroll Gardens, is finally getting started after years of delays. When the MTA's work is done, the Smith-9th Street stop will be less of a crumbling menace, but until then, there will be service changes o' plenty. The fun begins Monday!

The MTA just dropped its service advisory hammer, and the Brooklyn Paper has the rundown on the imminent changes, which for now will last until May, but when translated from MTA time, really means September 2017.

Queens-bound F train service (with Manhattan in the middle) will skip Smith-9th Street, as well as the Fort Hamilton Parkway and 15th Street-Prospect Park stops (messing with Windsor Terrace/South Slopers' commutes, as well). At Smith-9th Street, G train service?the existence of which is more than just a rumor, we're told?will continue from a temporary platform. Basically, travel to and from these stations will include a lot of doubling back and relying on the G train, which are major hassles but contribute to a greater good. More stations will be affected in the future, and the Culver Viaduct project is expected to be finished in, fingers crossed, 2012.
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