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New Look for East Village's Most Controversial Mansion

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Photo by Will Femia.

Three years ago 47 East 3rd Street was ground zero for the New York City rent wars, as a wealthy family fought a bitter battle to clear out the 15-unit tenement in order to turn the building into a huge single-family house. There were flyers, protests, and in the end, buyouts, and the Economakis family finally got their wish.

Cut to today: How's the building looking? Like it recently got a cornice and new windows! Our roving photog Will Femia dropped by 47 East 3rd Street, but there's not much else to see. Renovations are ongoing, and a recent disapproved building permit calls for a new curb cut. Maybe the old storefronts are being eyed for a private garage? After the jump, a shot of the building as it looked in 2005, via the PropertyShark archives.

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