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People in Jean Nouvel's Glass Houses Shouldn't Throw These Stones

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Much to the chagrin of French starchitect Jean Nouvel, interior designer Jennifer Post was hired by the developers of Nouvel's Vision Machine, aka 100 Eleventh Avenue, to lighten up the lobby and help boost condo sales. One of Post's ideas was to bring in three huge black boulders?"as big as grizzlies"?which sounds like the opposite of light, but hey, different strokes for different folks. Now the developers aren't sure they want the sculptures, and Post says she hasn't been paid for them.

What do these scandalous stones look like? Well, Canal Street Studios, the foundry that created them (and still claims to be owed $50,000), released the above photo of the onyx sculptures to satisfy the curious masses. Does Nouvel have a right to be pissed?
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