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What Northside Piers Will Look Like After the Next Boom

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We could've sworn that these renderings of a fully realized Northside Piers complex?all three towers planned by Toll Brothers on the Williamsburg waterfront, not just the two that have been built?are a few years old. You know, from back before the credit crunch put 3 Northside Piers, the one closest to the water (gotta sell the rest before the views are gone!), on ice for the foreseeable future. But a tipster tells us that in the past, 3 Northside Piers has been represented in renderings by "a clear box with similar proportions to the other two towers," and a quick search of the Curbed archive seems to back up that claim. Did the Men in Black mess with our memory?

The third tower is also nowhere to be seen on the Northside Piers website, but architecture firm FXFowle isn't keeping the secret. The firm offers a few glimpses of the triplets on its own website, while omitting that other waterfront colossus, the Edge. Note the size of the unbuilt NP tower, which looks like it has a few floors on its closest neighbors. When will the trio be complete? When the economy, demand, and this guy say so.
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Northside Piers

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