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Do Brooklynites Have a Right to Complain About F Train Chaos?

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The MTA gave just one week of notice for some pretty dramatic temporary service changes at a handful of Brooklyn subway stations, which will soon be followed up by more temporary service changes at a handful of Brooklyn stations. This pattern will last until at least 2012, when the Culver Viaduct Rehabilitation Project is supposed to finish up. The MTA has been hit with some stinging backlash, perhaps best illustrated by a now legendary e-mail from a new Windsor Terrace resident to Gothamist.

He wrote of his fear for his "90lbs. soaking wet" girlfriend, who must risk being carried away by the breeze during the longer walk to the subway, and added, "this level of fuckery wouldn't fly in LA," even though public transportation in LA basically means standing around in high heels waiting to get picked up by Eddie Murphy's limo. Now, here comes the backlash to the backlash!

If the service cuts sound familiar, it's because they're the same ones that officials first unveiled in 2007, and kept repeating would be necessary as the Culver Viaduct project?vital because the Smith-9th Street station is a crumbling shithole?suffered delays. Now that the moment is here, blogger Second Avenue Sagas is not having all this complaining. In a great rant, he chides the MTA, but saves most of his scorn for the kvetchers:

Furthermore, the MTA has released its own video on the project; and crews have been working on the viaduct for nearly ten months. In other words, since 2007, then, Brooklynites knew or should have known that their service was going to be cut for a few months, and if people moving to the area or already living their failed to do adequate research, that’s on them.Hell hath no fury like a transit blogger scorned!
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