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Tribeca Conversion Proceeds; Sheffield Teams Up With Saks

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TRIBECA?A tipster got us pretty excited about the off-again, on-again condo conversion of the old school and rather lovely 250 West Street: "I walked by this building over the weekend and there is some work going on inside. Looks like they are creating some model units on the Washington Street side." An investigation reveals workers working (like on that metal railing above) and window treatments in some windows, but there's not much else to seen at the moment. Still: progress! [CurbedWire Inbox/CurbedWire Staff]

HELL'S KITCHEN?Designer-developer collaborations are old hat, but what about retail-resident pairings? In what may be a first, The Sheffield has partnered up with department store Saks Fifth Avenue to give buyers "shopping privileges, personal styling consultants, and private seasonal designer collection previews." The partnership will kick off with a match-making event where residents will be paired with personal stylists. Totally bizarre? In the long history of The Sheffield, what isn't? [CurbedWire Inbox]

The Sheffield

322 w 57th street, New York, New York 10019

250 West Street

250 West Street, New York, NY