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After Slow Start, Greenpoint Condo Hopes to Almost Double Price

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Apartment #601 at Greenpoint's Glass House was the last apartment in the building to sell, finally finding a buyer last summer after a series of PriceChops that brought the ask from $1.325 million all the way down to $430,000. The buyer was the hopefully-named Smart Moves Invest Inc., and we might know soon just how smart his or her move was, because the apartment is back on the market, attempting a flip at an asking price of $800,000. The sales prices for most of the other units were in the $600,000s, but they traded hands back in the glory days of 2006 and 2007. How does a 2BR, 2BA Greenpoint condo appreciate these days? Stay tuned.

· Listing: 190 Green Street, Unit 601 [Elliman]
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