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Will Flushing's Thousands of New Condos All Look This Bad?

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In retrospect, a number of buyers were less than thrilled with their decision to spend more than $1 million on luxury condos in Flushing, Queens, leading 67 of them to file a lawsuit in November to back out of their contracts at shopping mall/condo complex Sky View Parc. Buyers of another 13 units have since asked to join the suit. But that hasn't stopped Flushing developers from planning an onslaught of luxury units in the neighborhood. The Post has the rundown on the upcoming projects, which include a third tower at Sky View Parc and 550 to 650 condos at in-the-works Flushing Commons. Then there's the 72-unit Prince Plaza, coming to market next month, and Victoria Tower and 38-30 Parsons Boulevard, which have hit the market in the last few years. At least the new Flushing aesthetic is, er, consistent?
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Sky View Parc

2822 College Point Blvd., New York, NY 11354