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More High Line Elevation; Robert Moses Gets a Musical!

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WEST CHELSEA?Another glassy High Line elevator? That appears to be the case near the new rental building going up at 500 West 23rd Street. We've already seen another elevator going up at the north end of Phase II at 30th Street. Progress! [CurbedWire Staff]

BATTERY PARK CITY?Planner, visionary, hero, villain, soloist? That's right, Robert Moses (1888-1981), "master builder" of city projects both revered and reviled, is the subject of a new piece of musical theater that will have its world premiere with a free performance in the World Financial Center's Winter Garden on Saturday, Jan. 15 at 7pm. The piece, called Robert Moses Astride New York, was written by composer Gary S. Fagin and will be performed by the Knickerbocker Chamber Orchestra with actor and vocalist Rinde Eckert portraying Moses. Think this doesn't sound awesome? A sample of the lyrics: "I dreamt a dream, made it real/ Gave it life, concrete and steel./ Using guile, stealth and skill/ All New York bent to my will." That's straight-up gangsta! [CurbedWire Inbox]