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Porch, Yard and a New (Higher!) Price for Tribeca Triplex

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Tribeca's 60 Beach Street is one of those high-end loft conversions that are becoming a dying breed as the neighborhood runs out of old warehouses to glamify. The 26-unit building has been kicking around for a couple years, and here we have a triplex maisonette unit priced by Sotheby's at $5.975 million. The listing for the 4,478sqft, 3BR/3.5BA is new, but if #MD is the same as #MAISD (when Corcoran was repping the building), and we suspect that it is, then this is actually a PriceUpper. When the old maisonette listing vanished in 2009, the asking price was $5.325 million. Has the Tribeca market rebounded that much?

The apartment looks a little dark in the photos, not that we're complaining about that arched window action. Outdoor space looks nice too. Who doesn't love a back porch? The listing is missing the floorplan right now, but the 60 Beach Street website gave us the below. Will 2011 be a very good year?

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