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Gramercy Wine Bar Defeated; High Line Oldie Shutters; More!

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This week's top dish from Eater NY, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

1) Gramercy: It's hard to imagine what could upset Gramercy Park Mayor Arlene Harrison more than a wine bar on Gramercy Park, so it's a good thing the State Liquor Authority has denied a restauranteur's application to open such a wine bar. They probably got tired of neighbors' angry letters citing the 1831 Gramercy Park Indenture.

2) Chelsea: As the High Line gets ever more hip, neighborhood standbys are starting to be casualties. The latest is Cabo Rojo, above, a Puerto Rican joint that has closed due to a lost lease after 51 years. Quoth Jeremiah of Vanishing New York: "The New High Line is stretching further northward, bringing the destructive force of 'renewal' in its wake....It will be swift, and it will be total."

3) Greenwich Village: Broadway's most-loved neon sombrero will soon go dark. So what's taking the place of Gonzalez y Gonzalez? A Chipotle. Our souls just went dark a little, too.

4) Times Square: The Pop-Tarts World Cafe pop-up in Times Square has also shuttered, leaving a Pop-Tarts sushi-shaped void in our lives.

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