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Fabulously Bearded Man Digs Up Buried Brooklyn Treasures

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A few days ago blog Pardon Me For Asking dropped by a backyard dig going on at a Brooklyn Heights townhouse. The 160-year-old Pierrepont Street home is about to undergo a renovation, but before that, the owner let a pair of local urban archaeologists dig down 15' into the old outhouse pit. Back in the day, the "privy pit" received more than just human waste, and PMFA has photos of what turned up here, including broken figurines, bottles and Barry's Tricopherous (for the skin and hair!) We'd love to know what else is buried under the backyards of Brooklyn, but here's a better question: When will this photo wind up on Fuck Yeah Menswear?
· Digging Up Fragments Of The Past In A Backyard On Pierrepont Street [PMFA]