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Auction Madness Continues With Washington Heights Condo

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Still think February 14 is the biggest day of next month? Nope! That honor officially now belongs to February 13. Not only is it the day when Astoria's East River Tower will hit the auction block, but it turns out a second tower's unsold units will also go up for sale by gavel that day: Washington Heights' The New Amsterdam, at 2360 Amsterdam Avenue. Unlike its Astoria counterpart, the 29-unit New Amsterdam has actually sold three units. According to the Daily News, the Sheldon Good & Company auction will try to move another 26 ASAP.
The one-, two-, and three-bedrooms at the Washington Heights building were originally priced between $269,000 and $838,000. The minimum bids listed on the auction site range from $125,000 to $300,000, which would bring the prices down by up to 66 percent. Prospective buyers must register to download the full auction brochure, but there are a few looks in the gallery above. Now that the auction idea seems to be catching on again, which slow-to-sell condo will be next?
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