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Times Nominates St. Marks Place for 'Bong Capital of the World'

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Architectural historian and NYT writer Christopher Gray tickles our funny bone today with his story surveying the remnants of St. Marks Place's proud past. Not much is left, but you probably already knew that if you've been to the East Village in the past few decades. Still, let's hear it from this distinguished gentleman:

In the 1830s St. Marks Place was one of New York’s best addresses, a dignified street of chaste Federal-style mansions for the city’s first families. Today, just three remnants of the street’s golden age still stand, and it is a fair contender for the title of bong capital of the world, with its tumbledown shops for vintage records, punk clothing and drug paraphernalia.So, did anyone have this early a date in the "First Bong Mention of 2011 in the Times Real Estate Section" pool?
· Be There or Be Square, 1830 to the Present [NYT]

[Photo via Flickr.]