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Former Cobble Hill Convent Changes Hands for $5.4 Million

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The buildings on the 100-by-200-foot property at the corner of Henry and Kane Streets aren't quite as glorious as they used to be, given all the broken windows, but they're still not bad to look at. And soon a new owner will be looking at them, Brownstoner reports. The Cobble Hill property, which includes two double-wide townhouses, a parking lot, and a yard, has just sold for $5.4 million. Lost City does some digging and reveals that the buildings' past is probably just as interesting as what might happen to them in the future: they were built in 1906 for a convent called the Nursing Sisters of the Sick Poor. The buyers appear to be local residents, and 'Stoner commenters think the place is now a rent-stabilized apartment building. Just an investment, or do the new owners have something else planned?
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