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Soon Every Soho Store Will Have Its Own Reality Show

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Late last year the Kardashians opened one of their Dash boutiques on Spring Street. The store, which has become a tourist clusterfuck, mostly exists for the filming of another one of the sisters' E! reality shows, but maybe they also manage to sell some overpriced clothes there, too. The neighbors, well, they haven't quite enjoyed this brush with fame. Too bad, folks, because now Soho is getting another retail shop rooted in a reality show!

Commercial brokerage Robert K. Futterman just announced they've arranged a deal for tattoo parlor New York Ink to take over the 6,000sqft retail space at 43 Wooster Street, between Broome and Grand Streets. The location will be for a spinoff of TLC's Miami Ink, the show that features customers' backstories and motivations for upsetting their parents by mutilating their bodies with Chinese characters. New York Ink joins a family of spinoffs, including LA Ink, London Ink and Rio Ink. The store itself opens in March, so Sohoites should start thinking up some tat ideas. "NIMBY 4EVA?"
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