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Notorious UES Co-op Asking $18M, Calls to the Non-Famous Rich

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You know how we are those about mysterious, strict and all powerful council of elders otherwise known as co-op boards. Nothing causes fear in the heart of a buyer more than a notorious board, and 19 East 72nd Street is certainly one of those buildings. In a piece in the Observer, a broker said "You wouldn’t bring in a rap singer into 19 East 72nd Street—just as you wouldn’t take 19 East 72nd into some rap building. They’re divergent cultures.” But it's not just rappers they have a grudge against, it's all famous people. This is, after all, the building that rejected America's sweetheart, Richard Nixon. So when a listing pops up, we take note. This 3 bedroom, 5.5 bathroom unit just hit the market asking a cool $18,000,000. According to the listing, this place has only had three owners in the past. But don't let that make you think it's old and dusty, the place has had two renos done by the current owners. Too bad you only get one listing photo!

· 19 East 72nd Street 11A [BHS]