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Business on Bottom, Party on Top at East 102nd Condo Tower

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A new glass condo tower in East Harlem is getting rave reviews, at least on its design: welcome to the dancefloor, 4 East 102nd Street, you 510-foot beacon of glass, steel, and Egyptian-tinged stone masonry panels. The $200 million tower by architect Rafael Pelli is being built for Mount Sinai by Durst Fetner Residential; the 30 stories of luxury condos (mixed in with some subsidized units, natch) atop 12 floors of medical office space is set for completion in spring of 2012. For new construction amid the "old-school élan" of the neighborhood, it's not even obtrusive, according to one writer, who anoints it the "perfect transitional building between the institutional clamor of the hospital and the quiet dignity of Fifth Avenue." Not too surprisingly, the building backers are listing its location as the Upper East Side, though we (and ah, Wikipedia) consider the northern territories above 96th Street as Harlem. What say ye?
· Tower Bridges Divergent Styles [WSJ]

4 East 102nd Street

4 East 102nd Street, New York, NY

4 East 102nd Street