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LIC Light Show Building Tries a Few New Sales Strategies

We're contractually obligated to check in on Long Island City's Murano every few months (we just can't stay away from that wacky light clock). A tipster points out that the building received a visit from the PriceChopper last week, with a series of small cuts across the board. A unit that was asking $1.05 million, for example, is now $980,000, in case that $1 million psychological threshold was the hold-up. A 2BR where the price jumped from $595,000 to $820,000 earlier this year has scaled back its expectations again, to $805,000.

And then there are those listings we're not sure a PriceChop will help to sell. Take #2B, a 2BR, 2BA asking $610,640. Not so strange, until we poke into the brokerbabble: "currently set up as a 2 bedroom, it can easily be converted to a luxury 1 bedroom for the buyer looking for that unique 1 bedroom listing. If converted, 2B will feature a grand living room to accommodate a full living room set, and you will still have a separate dining area to host your dinner parties." And a seriously wounded resale value!
While we're on the subject of values, how much are Murano's apartments selling for these days? A single screengrab answers that question:

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