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Gene Kaufman's Greenwich Village Hotel Still Happening

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[Photo by Will Femia]

At 52-54 West 13th Street, construction is well underway on Gene Kaufman’s “Hotel on 13th Street,” the fourth in the Gem Hotel chain. When—almost exactly a year ago today—it was reported on this site that construction was beginning on the hotel, the reaction was less than positive, with various commenters referring to Kaufman as a “prick,” “hack,” “negligent human being,” “pathetic excuse for an architect,” and “terrorist.” Chances are that no one’s opinion will have changed much, as the hotel is still projected to be exactly what Kaufman envisioned when he took the project over from Hot Karl Fischer: an 18-story red-brick rectangle. Construction will be finished next summer, so get ready.

-Jeremiah Budin
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52-54 West 13th Street, New York, NY